Arabic Classes for Children

Learning Arabic at an early age increases your chances of mastering the language.

Stimulating the mind and targeting the child’s cognitive abilities facilitates familiarity with knowledge and academic fields.

The development of the child’s curiosity motivates them to know the components of Arab civilization for language, culture and history.

The Arabic language allows the learner to continue learning once the class is over and be easily integrated into culture and civilization.

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Arabic A: Introductory Arabic (3 - 4 years)

This chapter introduces your child to the Arabic language and culture through fun activities, songs, games, stories and small crafts. Animal names, Arabic numbers, fruits and opposites.


learn Quran and arabic for kids
Learn to read and write Arabic


This course is designed for young children who do not know how to read Arabic. The letters are presented in sequential order. Each lesson introduces 3 or 4 new characters. Words consist only of letters that students have learned. All letters that the child learned in the previous lesson are reviewed to complete all letters and to have the ability to read any letter and how to form a word …

Elementary Arabic Level 1 (6 – 9 years old)

 By the end of the previous level, students will be able to recognize Arabic letters, pronounce all Arabic sounds correctly, and be able to read simple words and short phrases. Reading is practiced in this section so that the child can read well ………..

Elementary Arabic Level 1
learn Quran and arabic for kids

Elementary Arabic Level 2 (9 -13 years)

By the end of the previous level, they will be able to read and write sentences using familiar vocabulary with a focus in this section on Arabic sentence structure and basic grammar.

simple Classical Arabic for children

By the end of the previous stage, the student will learn  simple conversation in classical Arabic starting from acquaintance vocabularies like asking about someone’s name, where the person is from and other simple conversations that lead to an advanced level.

Elementary Arabic Level 1